My Journey towards becoming Microsoft MVP

I will begin by introducing the term ‘MVP’ to you. A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, abbreviated as MVP, is a technology expert who is passionate towards sharing their knowledge with the community. An MVP brings together diverse platforms, products, and solutions to solve real world problems. I was entitled as a Microsoft MVP in February, 2021. I was also a part of MVP Global Summit 2021 which was organised by Microsoft in March 2021. Before I get more into the story of how I became an MVP, I would like to emphasize that it was an indelible experience, and I’m grateful to the Microsoft team to have given the opportunity to be a part of the global summit. I was definitely working hard towards my dreams, but I didn’t realise that I was laying a path of becoming a Microsoft MVP in less than 6 years.

In January 2020, a member of Microsoft’s Research Team reached out to have in-depth discussion and understanding about our work. Their team was quite inquisitive about looking through our works, our team’s journey towards starting INK PPT, and the organisational processes that are practiced in the company. My primary goal was to enrich the potential of PPTs and to bring presentations to life. Our united efforts towards making the industry realise the potential of presentations gave rise to INK PPT. The Microsoft team visited the premises of INK PPT to get an experience of how we function, how Microsoft PowerPoint can help us with more tools and solutions. They observed how INK PPT makes constructive use of PowerPoint Presentations for almost everything- be it Content Creation, Strategy & Planning, Guides, Social Media Content, Creatives, Website Development, and more. They further browsed over the initiatives that we had been taking towards sharing knowledge. They went through our blogs, profiles, and other communication media to get a better understanding of our ideology. After having a look at how we are working towards enriching the potential of presentations, they further nominated me for Microsoft MVP. But wait, this is not a simple & straight success story which has a smooth ending. Like every other adventurous journey of life, this one too had failures and hurdles in between.

Even after I was nominated in 2020, I did not win the title right away. And that challenge made me get deeper into understanding what an MVP actually is and what range of efforts are required to be a Microsoft MVP. I analysed what are my strengths and what are the areas that I can work on strengthening. I further started working on enhancement of my community influence and explored new ways of sharing my knowledge with others. This hustle gave birth to, a non-profit resource platform with presentation templates and tools, created to help the storytellers of the world, all for free. Our goal for was to create an environment where the creative minds can explore and expand their knowledge of design, animation, and other aspects of presentations, leading to the upliftment of the world of PPTs as a whole. Parallelly, I expanded my knowledge sharing via blogs and articles on various platforms, especially on LinkedIn. I was further assessed by the Microsoft MVP team in the coming months. My nomination for PowerPoint MVP finally materialised in February 2021.

This story is not just about a victory, but about the validation of my belief that presentations are here to stay. This is the first industrial recognition I received, that too from Microsoft- the very creators of PowerPoint, and it’s the best reward I ever received in return since I started the organisation. I never shifted my focus towards winning the title. I was always ardent towards building a greater future for presentations and sharing my knowledge and assets with the ones who can make a good use of it. Me winning this title also testifies that I am on the right path and there is an alluring future for presentations ahead.

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